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Full Implementation of Consumer Information Management System (CIMS)

The CIMS is a disruptive type of ICT-based innovation introduced and made fully functional/operational by the ZAMSURECO-I in 2011 to radically change its internal business processes.

The CIMS is a disruptive type of innovation as regards its utilization and application to the ZAMSURECO-I since it entirely replaced the legacy and/or traditional business process of dealing with customers, which is characterized as old and manual-based, inefficient, costly, slow, and inappropriate to the strict demands of the new power industry environment. It is noteworthy to mention that the ZAMSURECO-I has pioneered the introduction and utilization of this innovation among electric cooperatives in the country.  

 The ZAMSURECO-I’s CIMS is a fully customized and specialized ICT-based application that integrates all internal business processes covering a whole range of transactions and/or dealings of the Cooperative to its customers. The CIMS is a one-stop-shop fully-automated/computerized multi-function system covering the following transactions, to wit:

  • Electric service application up to service connection;
  • Computerization of customers’ master list (i.e., updating and sanitation of customer profile);   
  •  Reconnection of electric service connection;
  • Voluntary Disconnection of electric service connection;
  • Change Meter transactions;
  • Relocation of Meter (same address);
  • Transfer of Meter (different address);
  • Change Customer Record;
  • Transformer Testing;
  • Transformer Banking and De-banking;
  •  Transformer Rental (mobile, Rent-to-own, Rental);
  • GE Kwh Meter Programming;
  • Meter Seal Replacement;
  •  Customer Requests/Complaints;
  •   Payment of Fees and charges;
  •  Service Application Tracking (approved, pending, denied, un-acted);
  • Tracking of acted and un-acted customer requests and complaints;
  •  Monitoring and Control of Materials, Transformers and Meters

 Moreover, the CIMS has tremendously enhanced internal control systems, enabling effective monitoring of materials/supplies requisitions/withdrawal and liquidations.

One of the special features of the CIMS that is extremely useful to management in its function to track the performance and productivity of all personnel, who are users of the system. The system has a built in feature (time counter), which enables management to measure the amount of time a certain transaction (e.g., processing of application, line inspection, meter installation and inspection, service dropping connection, etc.) is being performed by the employee. This allows raters (supervisors and management) to easily establish the performance of employees during the semestral performance appraisal period. 

Further, because of the system, the ZAMSURECO-I can now immediately comply with its reportorial mandates with the ERC and NEA on customer complaints because of the system extensive complaints tracking features.  

As a result of its full operations and completion in 2011, the CIMS has greatly improved employees’ productivity; significantly reduced the time of processing electric service applications and connections; facilitated fast action on customer complaints; and enabled easy tracking of customer-related transactions; and reduced operating expenses, among others. 


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