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Enhanced The Value Added Services/Features of the Cooperative’s Website (www.zamsureco1.Com)

a.       On-line Power Bill Inquiry

The on-line power bill inquiry is one of the value added feature/service that is being introduced to enhance the ZAMSURECO-I website. The development of this project started in December 2011 and it is on-going.

The initiative is being pursued as part of the strategy to bring the services of the ZAMSURECO-I closer to the people thus, enhancing customer care. This service is an innovative way of bringing the Cooperative’s billing system online, allowing customers to know their power bill without waiting for the ZAMSURECO-I power bill to be delivered. As such, customers are able to prepare ahead for the money they have to pay thus, enabling customers to manage their budget.

Another feature of the service is for customers to be able to access online their bill account history for the past 6 months thereby enabling customers to monitor their electricity consumption/bill thus, encouraging them to implement measures to reduce power consumption.    


b.      On-line Customer Electricity Pre-application Service

This online website service enhancement allows electric service applicants to apply connection online. The features of the service include list of the necessary connection application requirements, fees, among others.

The introduction of this service will minimize stress on the part of the applicants in applying for a service connection as well as significantly reduce application processing time. It also reduces travel costs on the part of applicants in going to and from the ZAMSURECO-I office just for the purpose of inquiring for service connection requirements and filing their application. 


c.       On-line Customer Complaints/Requests Service

This website enhancement service allows customers to file his/her complaint/requests/queries on-line. It enables concerned units/personnel to respond quickly as a result of an effective IT- based quick filing of requests/complaints and task dissemination mechanism. It includes an auto reply system to customer queries and complaints.


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