Best Practices

SYSTEM LOSS Reduction and Power Quality/Reliability

SYSTEM LOSS reduction and power quality/reliability improvement activities as follows:

  • Massive Hot spots scanning and correction which resulted in improved systems reliability (i.e., reduced brownout incidents, improves voltage quality, etc.) and system loss reduction (i.e., affordability of power rates, increase Coop’s Revenue); 
  • Transformer Load Splitting resulted in reduction of Conductor Losses, Improve Power Service Voltage, thus ensuring integrity of power systems;
  • Regular checking/updating of Metering Multipliers resulted in reduction of system loss, and increase in revenue;
  • Rehabilitation and replacement of old/damaged Primary and Secondary Transformer Jumpers resulted in voltage connection improvement and reduction in system loss and feeder load balancing;
  • Regular conduct of Substation preventive maintenance servicing hence, improvement in power quality, reliability and safety;
  •  Conduct Massive installation of pole grounding system thus improvement in power quality;
  •   Implementation of Elevated Metering System to identified power pilferage prone areas; and
  •    Massive Clearing of Power Lines.

Enhancement, Rehabilitation/Upgrading of Power Lines

Enhancement, rehabilitation/upgrading of power lines (i.e., reconductoring, conversion of power lines, replacement of broken pin insulators, etc.) ;

Transformer Rent-To-Own Scheme

This scheme is already part of the non-core business of the ZAMSURECO-I. The ZAMSURECO-I has been receiving  a lot of request for assistance from various government and private entities for provision of distribution transformer(s) in order for them to immediately start their respective operational activities.

Said entities prefer to avail transformers from the Cooperative to get rid of time, money, and effort involved in the procurement process including the risk that the units they purchase do not pass the Coop’s quality testing and inspection.

As part of its mission of excellent customer care and to address the distribution transformer needs of its customers, ZAMSURECO-I implemented DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER “Rent-to-Own” Scheme wherein the customers are allowed to eventually own the rented unit after payment of its unit cost (plus a certain percentage margin to recoup procurement and testing expenses) in installment basis subject to certain terms and conditions as agreed by both parties.

This scheme is an innovative way of addressing the transformer need and requests of the customers as well as a welcome opportunity for this Cooperative to diversify its operations and engage in other customer-oriented services that would boost its income to operate viably and competitively. It is worthy to note that proceeds and/or income generated from the rent-to-own scheme is being used to finance some of projects of the Cooperative like the construction of a new action center in the Municipality of Molave, Zamboanga del Sur.

Massive replacement of old/defective KWH meters

Massive replacement of old/defective KWH meters to ensure accurate measure of power consumption;



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