Best Practices

Customer Grants

1. Granted 50% of the 3% PPD availed from NPC through rate reduction (reflected in AGRA).

2. Granted Lifeline discounts to residential customers consuming 0-25 kWh.

3. Granted 1.5% Prompt Payment Discounts to customers.

4. Granted 5% Senior Citizen Discount to qualified Senior Citizen.

5. Anniversary Raffles to Prompt Payors.

6. Free KWH Meters for new connections.

7. Giving of 15% Incentive to Informers of Pilferage and illegal connections.

8. Raffles for members who attended in the MAGMA and ARRA.

9. Distributed 800 copies of 2013 Annual Report, and 2000 copies of Calendars for MSEACs, AccDels and stakeholder partners. 

Institutional Development Programs

1. Rapid Action on Customer Queries and Complaints by creating the ZAMSURECO-I Action Center (ZAC)

2. Provided suggestion boxes to generate feedback on the services of the Cooperative.

3. Continuing Information Education Campaign (IEC) on the member-consumer’s rights, privileges/roles and the benefits through Regular Membership Course/Orientation Seminar (RMC), assemblies and regular meetings.

4. Strengthened Information Dissemination on the Power Curtailment Schedules provided by NGCP through the conduct of Recorida, linkages with Radio Stations, SMS & Text Broadcast to LGU officials and Board of Directors, and posted at the ZAMSURECO-I website.

5. Extended free use of the ZAMSURECO-I facilities (Heroes’ Hall, ZAMSURECO-I Convention and Training Center, Sound System, Video Projector, vehicle, etc.) to NGOs for their meetings/conventions/conferences, etc.

6. Regular conduct of Taskforce Sugpo-Pilferage Operation Activities.

7. Honored 191 Right-Of-Way (ROW) Donors during the Energization Program of 14 barangays and 4 Sitios Puroks/Sitios for the year excluding the SEP/BLEP projects.

8. Conducted consultation meetings with Pagadian City Chamber of Commerce, Media Partners through the Philippine Information Agency, Big Load Customers and LGUs including MSEAC in all area offices to discuss on the power curtailment problem, power supply deficiency problem experienced in Mindanao as well as provide them with concrete strategies to mitigate its impact.

9. Promotional gimmicks such as Raffles to encourage participation in Coop-related affairs.

10. Strongly supported MSEAC Coop related activities.

MSEAC Welfare, Benefits and Incentives

1. Provided free uniforms (T-Shirt) to all MSEACs, and Accredited Delegates (ACCDELS) and free medicine kit, among others during ARRA.

2. Conducted MSEAC Quarterly Municipal Meeting in 24 municipalities and a City of Pagadian. Provided the latest EC operational updates; present their feedbacks/concerns and proposals. They plan & evaluate their program of activities/projects. They are entitled to a snack/meal allowance of P2,000.00/municipality. However, there are municipalities which decided to make these meetings into monthly for spontaneity-without additional allowance.

3. Conducted MSEAC Quarterly Area Meeting (Area I – 9 municipalities; Area II – 11 municipalities; and Area III – 8 municipalities). This would be called by the Board/Management. More updates are given and more interactions are expected. They are given a per diem of P200.00; transportation allowance back/forth & snack & meal each.

4. The MSEACs as participants to the Annual Regular Representative Assembly (ARRA) with the AccDel, are also provided with per diem/allowances during the event.

5. MSEACs are given recognitions in a form of plaque/monetary rewards for the Exemplary Projects/activities or distinctive job done.

6. MSEACs are given a Year-end/Christmas Bonus of Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) and Christmas Delights worth Three Hundred Pesos (P300.00) of groceries.

7. MSEACs are provided with a Group Life Insurance.

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