Best Practices

Customer Grants

1. Granted 50% of the 3% PPD availed from NPC through rate reduction (reflected in AGRA).

2. Granted Lifeline discounts to residential customers consuming 0-25 kWh.

3. Granted 1.5% Prompt Payment Discounts to customers.

4. Granted 5% Senior Citizen Discount to qualified Senior Citizen.

5. Anniversary Raffles to Prompt Payors.

6. Free KWH Meters for new connections.

7. Giving of 15% Incentive to Informers of Pilferage and illegal connections.

8. Raffles for members who attended in the MAGMA and ARRA.

9. Distributed 800 copies of 2013 Annual Report, and 2000 copies of Calendars for MSEACs, AccDels and stakeholder partners.