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Causes of Power Interruption


  • Row clearing
  • Broken Insulators
  • Damaged Poles/Transformer
  • Blown off or burn out fuses caused by short circuited loads or appliances
  • Loose wires joints, connections tapings to transformer, cut outs transformer, etc.
  • Wire cuts or cut ground wires
  • Burn out equipment, poles, cross arms, and others.
  • Electrical troubles of overhead lines:

a. Faulty  or fractures line insulators due to lightning or swtching operations causing high frequency oscillations and abnormally high voltages.

b. Blown line fuses caused by trees falling across lines, occurrences, of landslides which may overturn supports, severe floods that may wash away pole foundations, storms and strong winds that often caused system troubles and may even break wires.

c. Blown transformer fuses due to overloads(fying connections, illegal connection/energization)

d. Burned poles due to fires from ground.


  • Sabotage
  • Naughty Acts
  • Force Majeure



Vehicular accidents that topple or break electric posts cause wire down and other damage to electric facilities.

Fires & Floods

During such emergencies, ZAMSURECO-I cuts off power in the affected circuit area until it is safe for residents.

Trees & Kites

Tree branches that touch bare high-tension wires and kites and strings that get entangled with these wires also cause power interruption. Trim trees before they touch the wires. If branches are beyond normal reach, we will be  glad to assist you in trimming them. Call us at 1621.

Illegal Connection

Rampant theft of electricity in an area often overloads electrical facilities. Under Republic Act 7832, electricity or line material pilferage is a serious crime which metes a penalty of up to 20 years of imprisonment. The law also makes the offender liable to pay the value of electricity pilfered plus surcharge.


Falling debris and equipment that touch electric wires in construction work near existing ZAMSURECO-I facilities is another reason. Parties responsible for such outages may be penalized.

Typhoon Winds & Lightning

Electric wires, transformers and substations hit by lightning during thunderstorms also cause power interruption. Typhoons can cause serious and widespread damage to these distribution facilities.

Maintenance Work

Maintenance and upgrading work on distribution facilities (poles, wires, transformers) is done regularly. During these times, power interruption is scheduled. The schedules are published on Friday at the Maintenance Schedule page of this website.

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