GM's & President's Report

Business Process Innovations Through Information Technology (IT)-Based Applications

The ZAMSURECO-I along with other electric cooperatives have to deal with enormous challenges ranging from regulatory/policy compliances; strict industry performance standards; escalating operational expenses; ensuring stable and reliable power supply; timely delivery and execution of rural electrification commitments; meeting high expectations of customers on quality of service delivery; ensuring delivery of commitments to corporate social responsibilities;  among many others.   


Against this backdrop, it is imperative for us to thoroughly review its strategies, re-engineer business processes, and implement various innovative programs/initiatives aimed at correcting operational gaps to enhance organizational productivity/efficiency, enabling the Cooperative to meet the above challenges.


Primarily, the various innovations we introduced and implemented were in the field of information and communications technology (ICT). The adoption of several ICT-based applications reflects our awareness that the changes happening in the business environment and in how services are delivered to its customers are already being shaped by developments in ICT.


As ICT drives business and markets in new directions, it is therefore imperative for us to embrace ICT to be competitive and able to achieve financial sustainability; increase organizational productivity/efficiency; cope up with existing and future industry prerequisites (e.g., regulatory/policy, competition, performance standards, etc.); improve business processes; enhance delivery of services, and satisfy customers, among others. 


The overall strategy on the adoption of ICT is the geared towards replacing “legacy” manual-based business processes with fully-online computerized system. The objective is to computerized (online) the whole business processes of the Cooperative into one fully-integrated system thus, greatly enhancing processing, computing, monitoring, and reporting of business process transactions.


Among the major ICT-based initiative introduced in 2012 is the launching of the ZAMSURECO-I CUSTOMER CARE CALL CENTER (Z-4Cs). The Z-4Cs is the our innovative answer on the need of our customers to fast action on their service requirements like filing complaints, report incidences, information requests, among others. Customers have become more demanding, expecting that their issues and concerns will be solved instantly.


The Z-4Cs is an ICT-based 24/7 customer service program, which serves as first point of contact for the Cooperative’s customers. It is the customers’ link to our business—for questions, suggestions, request for services, or complaints. It is where the Cooperative’s customers get essential pieces of information about the Cooperative’s services —application requirements, reading/billing inquiries, brownouts and maintenance schedule, fees, rates, etc. It is also where customers seek technical or customer support. Further, the Z-4Cs is where customers are able to voice out their feedback on the quality of services delivered by the ZAMSURECO-I. Thus, the Z-4Cs is a potent tool and avenue to know from the public on what they have to say about the Cooperative’s products and services.


Another ICT-based initiative which we implemented in 2012 is the enhancement of the value added features of the Cooperative’s website. Our website has now gone beyond the ordinary, poorly organized, and non-functional type of websites. The enhanced website is multi-functional and interactive, with carefully designed graphical concepts and contents. 


The enhancement of our website is an integral part of the Cooperative’s business operations. The website serves as a potent tool in bringing the services of the ZAMSURECO-I more accessible and/or closer to its customers.  Our web presence enables customers, business partners (e.g., financial institutions, etc.), potential employees, and other stakeholders (e.g., LGUs, ERC, DOE, NEA, etc.) to find out more about our business as well as products/services that the Cooperative offers quickly and easily.


In addition, the website has greatly enhanced our capability in the area of information and education campaign (IEC) and other activities involving dissemination of important information to the public such as power interruption advisories, plans and programs, industry updates, rates, services, bidding and procurement notices, power saving tips, among others. The website has also become an effective medium for customers to report complaints and pilferage incidences thus, facilitating faster action and delivery of services.


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