GM's & President's Report

Sitio Electrification Program (SEP)

The Sitio Electrification Program (SEP) has been given high priority by President Aquino to be one of the major catalysts for the socio-cultural-economic development of the country’s rural areas in fulfillment of the President’s social contract with the Filipino people. The program is supportive of the 16-point development agenda of the President.


As a partner of the government and implementor of the rural electrification program, the Cooperative pledged unconditional support and commitment for the success of the program. The ZAMSURECO-I completed and energized a total of 19 BLEP & 32 SEP with total of 51 projects in 2012, with a corresponding 1,834 household connections as of July 19, 2013.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the general membership, Local Government Units (LGUs), and all stakeholders of ZAMSURECO-I for their untiring support, inspiring the Board of Directors and Management/Staff to sustain peak performance amidst tremendous operational challenges and uncertainties.   


Finally, we want also to thank the Board of Directors, Management and Staff for their unwavering commitment and for the extra efforts made in the past year. Their resilience, their cooperation, and their dedication to quality and customer care have illustrated the motivation and commitment of our people – also in difficult times. Thanks to the confidence of our stakeholders, we were able to financially sustain our operations despite a challenging year.


While the effects of the power supply problem in Mindanao will continue in 2013, opportunities may arise and we are ready and inspired to seize them, firm to our resilience and customer-centric team spirit that so rightfully describes ZAMSURECO-I’s overall approach.

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