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Scheduled Power Interruption (March 14, 2020)

Scheduled Power Interruption (March 14, 2020)

MARCH 14, 2020 SATURDAY8:00AM - 5:00PM

Reason/s of Interruption:
1.) Replacement of 3-units 69KV Current Transformers at MVA Upper Bayao Substation

Affected Substations of ZAMSURECO-I:
☑️Upper Bayao Substation (Tukuran)
☑️Tiguma Substation (Pagadian City)
☑️Sta. Maria Substation (Pagadian City)
☑️Balangasan (Pagadian City)
☑️San Miguel Substation (San Miguel)

Affected municipalities:
☑️Entire City of Pagadian
☑️Entire Municipality of LABANGAN
☑️Entire Municipality of TUKURAN (excluding Barangays Navalan, Sambulawan, Buenasuerte, Balimbingan and Laperian)
☑️Entire Municipality of DUMALINAO
☑️Entire Municipality of TIGBAO
☑️Entire Municipality of GUIPOS
☑️Entire Municipality of SAN PABLO
☑️Entire Municipality of SAN MIGUEL
☑️Entire Municipality of LAPUYAN
☑️Entire Municipality of MARGOSATUBIG
☑️Entire Municipality of VINCENZO SAGUN
☑️Entire Municipality of PITOGO
☑️Entire Municipality of TABINA
☑️Entire Municipality of DIMATALING
☑️Entire Municipality of DINAS

Affected areas of:
☑️Barangay Lubid
☑️Barangay Lantungan
☑️Barangay Inroad
☑️Barangay Resthouse

As a safety precaution, please always consider the power lines energized during the power interruption. Power will be immediately restored upon completion of the scheduled works. Please take the necessary preparations and precautions in anticipation of this scheduled power interruption.

Thank you.

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