NEA Compliance Tree Planting Activity

In celebration of the National Electrification Awareness Month and in support to Executive Order No. 43

(President Aquino’s National Greening Program),and 2014 NEA Memorandum on NEA-ECs’ Nationwide Tree Planting Program, the ZAMSURECO-I actively contributed to the success of said government program through its own Sustainable Tree Planting and Clean and Green Program.

With Area -1, Switch, Ramon Magsaysay as the chosen tree planting site, a number of 2000 mahogany (donated by Congressman Victor Yu of District I) and 500 fruit seedlings were planted on August 18, 2014. A total number of 236 ZAMSURECO-1employeesheaded by GM Saniel, the Board of Directors, and MSEACs participated in the tree planting. The participants showed passion while planting trees knowing that, in their little way, they have contributed in securing the future of the environment.

The Tree Planting activity is conducted yearly not just as form of compliance to higher authorities but as a way of showing its solidarity with other significant sectors of the government in the attainment of environmental sustainability. The Sustainable Tree Planting and Clean and Green Program of ZAMSURECO-I is its one way of showing support and participating in the worldwide initiatives of lessening the impacts of climate change, thus strengthening the organizational image of ZAMSURECO-1 as a responsible environment- friendly business entity.

As it goes with the now known “tree planting and tree growing” initiatives of the various sectors ofthe government, ZAMSURECO-I reassures that the trees being planted are not just merely planted but are monitored and maintained as well on a long-term basis. As the alarms of threat to our nature grow, the said activity has already been institutionalized, that is, conducting it every year in accordance with thegeneral plantation and maintenance plan of this Tree Planting Activity as stipulated in the additional duties and responsibilities of select employees who will assure the periodic monitoring of the planted seedlings and the general care taking of the plants such as pest and animal control, watering of the trees, maintenance and repair of tree guards, and soil condition monitoring.

The above-mentioned activity is an integral part of the week-long celebration of ZAMSURECO-I’s 42ndfounding anniversary.

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