Inclusive Events of ZAMSURECO-I's Week-long Celebration of its 42nd Founding Anniversary

Aimed at making the week-long celebration of the 42nd Founding Anniversary of ZAMSURECO-I more meaningful and fruitful, various activities 

intended for the Cooperative’s employees and member-consumers were undertaken through the collaborative efforts of the Board of Directors, management/staff, and various stakeholders. Despite the brevity of the celebration, the different activities fostered stronger relationships between and among employees and stakeholders as well. The different activities during the celebration were as follows:

Symposium Awareness on Dengue, PTB, Hepatitis, HIV, and Hypertension and Vaccination (August 20, 2014@ ZAMSURECO-I Heroes’ Hall)

In his message during the symposium, GM Saniel stressed that, just like any other organizations, it is the duty of ZAMSURECO-1,as a responsible organization, to watch over the wellness and health condition of its employees. If employees are sickly, workforce efficiency and effectivity is expected to be mediocre, affecting the operational productivity of the organization as well. The organization is fully committed in keeping its employees physical sound and healthy.

Resource speakers during the symposium include well-known personalities in the field of medicine. Dr. Gemma Liberty Santos discussed on Dengue Prevention and Control Program. She made mention of the dengue situation in our locality which has become very alarming nowadays. On the other half, Dr. Edward Nasiad talked about Pulmonary Tuberculosis or the commonly known PTB. Dr. Nasiad elaborated more on the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, complications, treatment, and prevention of PTB, well enough for the employees to understand and be aware of what the disease is all about. Subsequently, Mr. Jay Anthony Torotoro, Pagadian City Health Officer, comprehensively talked about HIV and the status of HIV infections in the Philippines. In his presentation, he revealed that Philippines is one of the countries with increasing HIV cases or the Human Immuno Deficiency Virus and the AIDS or Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. He also elaborated on the risk increasing conditions, as well as its mode of transmission and the common misconceptions of people on how HIV-AIDS is transmitted.This in turn, is a proof that the knowledge and reminders about HIV/AIDS is not only for the victims of it but for everyone.

With the increasing number of the victims of such diseases, what we can claim that “an ounce of prevention is worth a thousand pounds of cure.”


Medical-Dental Outreach, Feeding Program, and Distribution of the Bundles of Joy (August 21, 2014 @ San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur)

This year’s Medical-Dental Outreach, and Feeding Program was held at San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur. This kind ofactivity is a concrete evidence that ZAMSURECO-I never ceases to reach out to the community who has been very supportive to the attainment of its goals and objectives. 

This activity was made possible in partnership with the LGU of the Municipality of San Miguel. Its Municipal Health Office and local police unit,who ensured the safety of the people and of the venue, were also involved in this undertaking. In behalf of the people of the Municipality of San Miguel, Mayor Angelito Martinez II extended his words of gratitude to ZAMSURECO-1 for its noble visions and for choosing their municipality as the venue for this activity. Additionally,Director Jeffrey Rabon of District 7also expressed his appreciation to ZAMSURECO-1 for the efforts done in pursuing those acts of kindness and sharing its generosity to the people of San Miguel.



Sports Fest 2014 (August 19, 2014 @ Pagadian City Gymnasium)

Another activity primarily intended for ZAMSURECO-I employees is this year’s Sports Festival. Traditional games and sports were played and contended by the participants from Central Office, Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, and Central Office. The games and sports include Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, 200 and 300 Meter Dash, Chess, Dart, Scrabble, Palo Cebo, Tug-of-War,and Pinoy Henyo. For this activity, the employees showed their sporty side and enjoyed every game.

The objective of this activity is to forge stronger ties between and among employees and enhance teamwork as well. That in either winning or losing, a thing won’t change. The ZAMSURECO-I family is a team strongly attached to commitment and teamwork, guided by the spirit of camaraderie. This Sports Fest is not a competition of employees by areas and offices, but rather a reflection of teamwork among others, from where the spirit of sportsmanship is deeply rooted.


Employees’ Recognition 2014 (August 25, 2014 @ ZAMSURECO-I Heroes’ Hall)

ZAMSURECO-I annually gives its employees the awards and plaques of recognition to those who have served the cooperative for 15, 20, 25, and 35 years including the retirees for this year. GM Jose Raul Saniel and Board President Allan Cabatiigan assisted in the giving of plaques and awards to this year’s awardees. Employees who rendered exemplary and outstanding performances were also recognized.

For ZAMSURECO-1, the employees are its GREATEST asset. The Employees’ Recognition Day is the organization’s way of formally honoring employees and organizational team units for their exemplary efforts and performance that supports the organization’s goals and values. It is well established that when an organization recognizes employees and their performance, their satisfaction and efficiency increases, and they are further motivated to improve their performance.

3rd Fun Walk for Mother Nature (August 18, 2014 @ Molave ZACC to Switch, Sub Office, Ramon Magsaysay)

This year’s Fun Walk for Mother Nature was participated by ZAMSURECO-I employees, interested member-consumers, MSEACs, Board of Directors and the General Manager Saniel himself. This year’s theme is “Baklay para sa Kinaiyahan”. Participants to the said event aimed to raise awareness, care, and support to its surrounding community in the sustainable preservation of the environment.


Zumba Dance Contest (August 18, 2014 @ ZAMSURECO-I Training and Convention Center, Ramon Magsaysay)

This year’s Zumba Dance Contest incorporates the idea of being healthy and staying healthy. The employees from Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, and Central Office showcased their respective versions of the well-known “Zumba”. This is another avenue for the employees to harness their talents and promote healthy competitions with one another. With these, the employees get to be physically healthy and well-rounded individuals in dealing with any form of friendly competition.

Film Showing (August 20, 2014 @ ZAMSURECO-I Heroes’ Hall)

Apart from providing the employees with time for relaxation, the film showing activity was conducted as a form of fundraising to support a noble project of the ZAMSURECO-I. Ticket cost of 20 pesos was collected from employees who engaged themselves in the movie marathon. Proceeds of the said activity will go to the “Sinsilyo sa Lata” project of ZAMSURECO-1 as part of its social commitment to the community it serves. The proceeds will be primarily used for the malnourished children feeding program initiative of ZAMSURECO-I.

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