ZAMSURECO-I Employees’ Talents Shine

On the week-long celebration of its 42nd founding anniversary, ZAMSURECO-I reopened a perfect avenue to where its employees can showcase their various talents in the Annual Variety Show.

Employees from the Central Office, Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3 contended and presented their talented sides in the “Funky, Macho, Sexy” theme showcasing dance numbers of different genres.

This kind of event is conducted for employees for them to show what they got and prove that they don’t just do well in the office works, but that they can do equivalently good in other tasks. As for the sequential order of performances, Area 2 performers first set the stage on fire followed by Area 1, Central Office, and Area 3 contenders respectively. Employees from the respective offices gave the best of their performances and at the end of the show, the 4th place was garnered by Area 3, on the third spot is Area 2, with Area 1 on the second place, and Central Office being declared as the overall champion.

On the afternoon of August 2, 2014, the Search for Miss Amazing Ugly False Gay 2014 also took place as it presented eleven (11) male candidates turned into pseudo lovely ladies. This year, GM Saniel suggested a twist in the competition wherein the candidates will vie not for beauty, but for brains, character, and ugly physical appearance; which made the event more exciting and most likely detached from the mainstream pageants.Just like any other beauty pageants, the candidates who represented their respective departments went through the talent and Q&A portions. The questions given to the candidates were based on the Mother-Nature inspired theme which focused on the means on how to preserve the environment without compromising the ends of doing such for future use and for the future generations. At the end of the pageant, Michael Espra of EDP Department brought home the crown as Goddess of Nature. Barry Peñaso of Area 3 was declared as Goddess of Earth and Jeffrey Cagumbay of GMO ended as the Goddess of Water. Ricky Ligutom Jr. of ISD Department and Mercedito Malalis of Area 2 brought home the titles as Goddess of Fire and Goddess of Wind, respectively.

The turn of events just proved what GM Saniel even stated in his welcome message that all are already winners in the competition because he deeply believes that the employees are a group of dynamic and talented people. Supported with what BoD President Allan Cabatingan emphasized during his speech, the employees embraced the words: “Mabuhay ang ZAMSURECO-I!”


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