ZAMSURECO-I Brings Home Five (5) DOLE Awards of Compliance

On the occasion of the conduct of the of Area-Wide Seminar on Alternative Dispute Resolution, Occupational Health and Safety,

Family Welfare and Productivity at Work by the Region-IX Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Agency simultaneously carried-out an Industry- Wide Joint Assessment (IJA) on the implementation of the new Labor Laws Compliance System (LLCS) by various companies and organizations all throughout Region IX. Following the comprehensive assessment made, ZAMSURECO-I was recognized by the DOLE and was recipientof the following awards: Certificate of Compliance on General Labor Standards, Certificate of Compliance on Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Tripartite Certificate of Compliance with Labor Standards validated by the Tripartite Certification Committee, and Child Labor-Free Establishment for not engaging in child labor and not using products or materials produced through the use of child labor. With the IJA’s aim to provide awareness to the workers and employers on the salient features of the LLCS as a mechanism to attain voluntary compliance of the labor standards and other related issuances of DOLE, the ZAMSURECO-I has consistently been supportive and active in various DOLE-initiated programs/activities.

Director Sisinio B. Cano of DOLE (Region IX) presented the awards and by the Cooperative’s OIC-IAD Manager Jovito Pingca together with two other employees namely: Hannah Manda and Mary Lioness Sabado.Apart from the above-mentioned certificates of compliance received, ZAMSURECO-I was adjudged Regional Winner of the Productivity Olympic. The ceremony was held at the Lantaka Hotel, Zamboanga City on I9 September 20I4 at the City of Zamboanga.

This awards of ZAMSURECO- I is another milestone in its unwavering commitment of ensuring the safety and welfare of its employees and its member-consumers as well through various sound initiatives and programs that are compliant with government-established standards and regulations.



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