As a form of its corporate social bonding, ZAMSURECO-I celebrates Christmas with the children of employees last December 21, 2017. A total of 171 ZAMSURECO-I kids joined the Children’s Christmas Party 2017 that is simultaneously conducted in all area offices.

ZAMSURECO-I Management through the leadership of General Manager & Chief Executive Officer Jose Raul Saniel were full-force in welcoming the children. Area Managers transformed into superheroes led the children’s party in their respective areas. Parents and relatives of the kids who are employees of the Coop also
joined in the said activity.

GM & CEO Jose Raul Saniel shared a Christmas message to the kids and the parents. “We live life by giving. This celebration is one way of sharing our blessings which truly comes from our hearts.” GM Saniel said. “Let us also share to our neighbors. It will give light and joy to our brothers and sisters and enable them to partake the spirit of this season full of love, forgiveness and care.” GM Saniel

Dressed in their favorite cartoon and heroic costumes, ZAMSURECO-I children joined in the fun play sessions. Lined-up parlor games and kids’ intermission numbers hyped up the mood of the celebration.

Invigorated with the high energy level of the kids, GM Saniel led the parlor games and initiated his special “Signature Dance” contest. The energy of the talented kids were translated into active play in the mini-contest.  All participants won special prizes ad tokens from the good GM.

Laughter and excitement filled the air as children immersed into fun games, food party, and sing and dance activities. Special prizes were given to the “Best Dressed” and “Youngest Kid” awardees. Adding up to the pile of excitement, Jollibee joined in the Christmas celebration in entertaining the kids. Z-1 children got to encounter the friendly mascot as Jollibee rounds to the halls, took selfies, dances and flatters the crowd that brought giggles and bright smiles to the faces of the children.

The one-day program was very successful with energetic children actively participating in the various activities such as exchanging of gifts, pabitin and candy distribution. ZAMSURECO-I also gave away freebies filled with toys and educational items as a manner of its thanks for a one-day remembrance trip to childhood and play.

The Children’s Christmas party is part of the Coop’s program to fortify familial ties and relationships between and among employees.  The event is also one of the Coop’s best practices in its drive to promote family-centered culture in the Cooperative.

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