To further boost the efficacy of its Multi-Sectoral Electrification Advisory Council (MSEAC), ZAMSURECO-I Management, with the active support of the Board of Directors, rolled off the first two waves of its MSEAC re-orientation drive on December

The first batch was composed of MSEAC from Districts IV, V, VI and XI last December 08, 2017 at Central Office, Pagadian City which was followed through on December 18, 2017 with District I, II and III MSEAC held at Bonifacio B. Lagura Multi-Purpose Hall, Area-I.

Recognizing the crucial role of MSEAC in strengthening member-consumer-owner involvement, ZAMSURECO-I Management team headed by its General Manager & Chief Executive Officer Jose Raul Saniel led the discussion on the governing duties and responsibilities of MSEAC in an electric cooperative. GM Saniel started off that the rationale behind the reorientation drive is because of the EPIRA law which states that all end-users including member-consumers must be educated and protected. GM Saniel said that MSEAC, being partners of the Cooperative, plays a critical role because of its responsibility in achieving the said mandate to its member-consumers owners.

He said that the design of the electric cooperatives as public utilities is unique because it is democratic and participatory by nature wherein there must be representatives from the people who will act as link between the member-consumers and the electric cooperative. “In the decision-making process, members could participate in the affairs of the organization.” GM Saniel said.

GM Saniel challenged its MSEAC to come up with vital inputs for Board of Directors to establish sound policies and effective programs by means of connecting each sector — agro-fishery, business, civic, education, media, local government, batangas council women and youth sector to the Coop’s activities and programs. “We are a public utility. We are endowed with essential public service functions because people requires our services.” GM Saniel said.

ISD/EDP Manager Azucena A. Lagura discussed the MSEAC member qualifications, mechanics of the organization, its main functions together with the new and enhanced roles which requires active MSEAC participation. Ending the orientation, GM Saniel encourages the MSEAC to take an active involvement in order for the cooperative to have a strong base of member-consumer owners.

The refresher course is part of the Coop’s capacity-building program for MSEAC as catalysts for welfare development of member-consumers. The event was made possible through the efforts and initiatives of the Management team which was duly participated in by the Board of Directors.

The third wave of the re-orientation drive is expected to pursue in the year 2018.

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