Responding to the seminar invitation from the Iglesia ni Cristo Molave, GM/CEO Jose Raul Saniel talked as the resource speaker on Climate Change during the Disaster-Risk Reduction and Preparedness Seminar-Workshop last December 02,

In his presentation entitled “Climate Change: What can we do to save Mother Earth?” GM Saniel presented the factors affecting the changes in the climate wherein humans and activities are the main contributors of the pressing issue.

Based on his research, human activity such as burning of fossil fuels for industry consumption emits the largest source of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide released alters the greenhouse gas content of the Earth’s atmosphere which results in global warming.

GM Saniel said that in the pursuit of economic development and industrialization, countries worldwide have extracted and cultivated the environmental resources in excessive ways resulting in its gradual destruction. The destruction is manifested in disastrous events like Super Typhoon Yolanda which devastated thousands of lives and property among others.

“Since climate change affects everyone, therefore, it is everyone’s problem.” GM Saniel said. He shared that the alarming situation of the Earth can still be remedied by producing individuals with qualities of the 4A’s namely
Awareness, Appreciation, Advocacy, and Activism. “Producing these individuals are salient in advancing the cause of saving our environment.” GM Saniel said.

Being the General Manager & CEO of an electric cooperative, GM Saniel encouraged the participants to conserve the use of electricity and other electricity-related activities in order to lessen the emission of harmful gases.

His passion on the issue caused him to inform the participants that ZAMSURECO-I is also conducting its own contribution for Mother Earth. He said that the Cooperative is gradually adapting to the use of renewable energy — solar, biomass, hydropower, as source of electricity.

GM Saniel ended his talk by saying, “There is no place like home (Earth) and there will never be one again.” He then encouraged everyone to do their part to help heal Mother Earth.

The seminar-workshop was facilitated by the Iglesia ni Cristo in coordination with the Municipal Disaster-Risk Reduction and Management Council (MDRRMC) of Molave and ZAMSURECO-I held at the Z-1 Bonifacio B. Lagura Multi-Purpose Hall, Switch, Ramon Magsaysay.

The event was graced by the presence of District I Director Antonia S. Ayam, Area I Manager Rodolfo Lagura, MDRRMC speakers which was attended by the Iglesia ni Cristo guest and participants. The event was hosted by
Junelle Pondara, a member of Iglesia ni Cristo and an MSEAC Youth of Tambulig.



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