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Year 2019


2019 Awards for 2018 Performance
  1. Golden Dagitab Performance Excellence Award for "AAA" ECs with 100% Total Score in the 2018 EC Overall Assessment
  2. Paramount Achievement Award for showing Exemplary Performance as a Triple-A (AAA) Category EC in the pursuit of Total Electrification and Sustainable Rural Development
  3. Golden Dagitab Award for the Successful implementation of the Rural Electrification Program (REP)
  4. Five (5) Years of  Powerhouse Excellence Award for consistently Exhibiting an Exemplary Performance as a Triple-A (AAA) Category Electric Cooperative (EC) in the last Five Years
  5. Stellar Success Award for consistently Achieving 100% Collection Performance in the last Ten (10) Years
  6. Advocacy Excellence Award for being a strong instrument in carrying out the Goals of NEA-PHILRECA and One EC-MCO Movement
  7. Model Member-EC Award for being an outstanding Member-Electric Cooperative
  8. MCO Champion Spotlight Award for having Greatest Number of MCOs in the Barangay Level
  9. MCO Prime Participation Award for attaining Highest AGMA Attendance
  10. General Manager Leadership Award - GM/CEO JOSE RAUL A. SANIEL
  11. Board of Directors Leadership Award - President Marivic A. Chaves
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