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Power Advisories

Monday, 08 April 2024
SCHEDULE POWER INTERRUPTION Date: APRIL 10, 2024 (WEDNESDAY) Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Duration: 9 HOURS Affected Areas: PORTION OF SAN PABLO 1. BARANGAY OF KAPAMANOK 2.BARANGAY OF DAPLAYAN 3. BARANGAY OF PAO 4. BARANGAY OF VILLAKAPA 5. BARANGAY OF PANTAD 6. BARANGAY OF MIASIN 7. BARANGAY OF KALILANGAN 8. BARANGAY OF TANDUBUAY 9. BARANGAY OF SACBULAN 10. BARANGAY OF BUTON 11. BARANGAY OF BUBUAL 12. BARANGAY OF POBLACION 13. BARANGAY OF SAGASAN 14. BARANGAY OF TENIAPAN 15. BARANGAY OF CULASIAN 16. BARANGAY OF SENIOR 17. BARANGAY OF SAN JUAN   Reason/s of Interruption: 1. ZAMSURECO-I will conduct a replacement of 8 rotten poles, conversion of 2 poles structures, relocation of 1 pole and clearing of power line at Poblacion San Pablo, ZDS as phase 1 in preparation for the rehabilitation and conversion of the San Pablo backbone line from VEE Phase to Three Phase Primary Line and Reconductoring of Primary Conductors from 2/0 all aluminum bare wire ACSR to 4/0.   As a safety precaution, please always consider the power lines energized during the power interruption. Power will be immediately restored upon completion of the scheduled works. Please take the necessary preparations and precautions in anticipation of this scheduled power interruption. Thank you.
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