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ZAMSURECO-I Press Conference Invitation from Media Partners

ZAMSURECO-I responded to the invitation of our media partners for a press conference discussing issues arising on ZAMSURECO-I's operations specifically on the Consumer billing for the month March and April 2020.

The event was held at the ZAMSURECO-I Central Office, Board Room, Pagadian City on May 11, 2020 and was attended by representatives of the media industry namely Fernando Bangaysiso of Radyo Bagting, Rey and Weizmann Ramones of RCE Star News, Crismon Llanos of PBS-DXHR, Vicente Bantalo of Radyo Natin, Rico Salvacion of DXID, Irish Jada Bernal of Mindanao Monitor, Elmer Maghanoy of Medialink Pagadian, Michelle Deniega and Red Rhio Si of Energy FM and MR. Liberal Cabatcha, a Media Retainer of ZAMSURECO-I.
GM/CEO Jose Raul A. Saniel welcomes opportunities to meet our media partners because he considers them an integral part of ZAMSURECO-I and assuring them to strengthen more its partnership.
During the event, EDP and ISD Manager Azucena Lagura also explained in details the billing procedure, as this was one of the major issues that ZAMSURECO-I is now facing. She shed light on the average billing made for March 2020 consumption. She clarified that based on ERC advisory dated March 26, 2020, all Distribution Utilities which include Electric Cooperatives were advised to bill its customers based on the provision of Section 3.5.4 of the Distribution Service and Open Access Rules (DSOAR) on the utilization of “Estimated Billing”. Further, she refer Section 3.5.4 (a) Except as otherwise provided, if the DU is unable to obtain useable meter data from a customer or to read the meter of a customer on the date scheduled due to a Force Majeure event or any event beyond the control of the DU, the DU may bill the customer based upon their estimated usage for the billing period and the method being used is the average usage of the customer during the preceding three (3) months. This advisory ensures the safety of Meter Readers and to comply the social distancing directive for the containment of COVID-19.
In view of this, to ensure safety of the member-consumers owners, the personnel of ZAMSURECO-I and to strictly follow the mandate of the government, utilizing the provision of DSOAR, ZAMSURECO-I billed the March 2020 consumption of its customers through averaging method. Following April 2020 electricity consumption, ZAMSURECO-I billed its customers based on actual meter reading data because of several customer complaints received.
Further, Ms. Lagura presented two (2) simulations of one (1) Residential Customer showing (1) Billing for March 2020 is based on Estimate and April 2020 is based on actual meter reading data and (2) An assumption that there is no estimated billing applied in March 2020, and the customer’s consumption for two months which is March and April is billed one time using the actual present reading in April 2020 and previous reading which is the actual present reading in February 2020. Results of the two simulations showed the kwh used for two months, which is the kwh consumption for March and April are the same.
She further added, the meter reading schedule of April 2020 of seven (7) days was not followed. It was extended by 2 to 4 days due to the implemented Lock down in the area which limits the movement of meter readers. This further added the kwh consumption in April considering that it is already beyond the 30 days period. The kwh consumption supposedly in May 2020 was read and billed in advance in April for some areas.
The Electric Cooperative, led by GM Saniel ensures that ZAMSURECO-I will enhance its Public Information Drive measures to further disseminate important notices and information to its Member-Consumer-Owners.

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