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Bids and Notices

Supply and Delivery for CAPEX Projects

1.. Supply, Delivery, INstallation, Testing and Commissioning of 10/12.5 MVA, 3-PHASE, 69/13.2KV, OA/FA Power Substation at Barangay Panagaan, Mahayag, ZDS (TURNKEY PROJECT)
2. Supply, Delivery. Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 20MVA, 3-PHASE, 69/13.2KV, OA/FA Offload, Power Substation at Brgy. Balangasan, Pagadian City (turnkey project)
3. Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 10MVA, 3-Phase, 69/13.2kv, OA/FA Offload Substation at brgy. Tiguma, Pagadian City. (turnkey project)
4. Supply, Delivery, Installation and Testing of Full Scada System with Remote Terminal Unit, Telecom Equipment, Telephony, CCTV and SCADA HMI Services and RTU Equipment (Turnkey Project)
5. Supply and Delivery of 3 units Potential Transformer, 69kv, 350:1, 60Hz, Inductive type, 0.2 Metering CLASS, 25va Burden, to be installed at Culo Substation.
6. Supply and Delivery of One (1) unit Disconnect Switch, 69kv, Horizontal Center Break, 3-Phase, Outdoor, 2000A, Manual & Motor operated with control panel.
7. Supply and Delivery of Amorphous Distribution Transformer, Copper to copper intended for the upgrading and system loss reduction program of ZAMSURECO-I (2022)
8. Supply and Delivery of Wires  (Bare and Copper) Various Rehab Materials intended for the service dropping, metering and rehabilitation program of ZAMSURECO-I(2022)
9. Supply and Delivery of Pole Lines for the Line Maintenance program of ZAMSURECO-I (2022)

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