Taskforce Kapatid

The onslaught of typhoon Ursula brought major damages to our sister cooperatives in the Visayas Region and the TASKFORCE KAPATID 2019 was created. GM Jose Raul A. Saniel immediately deployed last December 26, 2019, ZAMSURECO-I warriors of light to help affected electric cooperatives to immediately restore the devastated power lines.

Z1 linemen together with its brothers from different cooperatives in Mindanao and the neighboring area were dispatched to help ILECO III in its power line restoration from the aftermath of typhoon Ursula in full support of ILECO III General Manager, Ms. Consorcia PeƱaranda.

The ZAMSURECO-I technical personnel conducted activities like erecting and rehabilitating the power line and facility thereby restoring ILECO III substation, primary, neutral and open secondary lines. Further conducting clearing of power lines, replacement of damaged poles, restoring leaning poles and service dropping repairs, among others.

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