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Power Advisories

SCHEDULE POWER INTERRUPTION (MAY 24, 2024) between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

SCHEDULE POWER INTERRUPTION Date: MAY 24, 2024 (FRIDAY) Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Duration: 8 HOURS Affected Areas: 1. Portion of Brgy. Gubang, San Jose and Manga, P.C (Vetalea Subdivision) 2. Brgy. Dao, Bogo, Kalasan, Kagawasan, Danlugan, Datagan, Alegria, Tulangan and Kahayagan 3. Brgy. Bagalupa and Langapod, Labangan ZDS. Reason/s of Interruption: 1. Insertion of C1 Structure along the backbone line affected by the ongoing road widening project at purok bahada, dao p.c 2. Replacement of damaged cut-out and transfer of the tapping pole going to prk. 3&4 at prk. 2 bogo 3. Relocation the tapping pole of DPWH at prk. subida, dao 4. Correction of substandard C1 structure at boundary brgy. bogo and kagawasan 5. Replacement of old and leaking of pin insulator from portion of brgy. Bogo to brgy. Danlugan 6. Clearing of vegetation along the affected power-line. As a safety precaution, please always consider the power lines energized during the power interruption. Power will be immediately restored upon completion of the scheduled works. Please take the necessary preparations and precautions in anticipation of this scheduled power interruption. Thank you.

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